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Freezing Warts Cryotherapy + wart killer

Freezing warts

Some Warts are easily removed by freezing them (Cryotherapy) with common brand name liquid nitrogen sprays (Cryogun) like Dr Scholls freeze away, Wart remover. Freeze off and Wart off. They work by freezing the wart or warts and can take as little as a single applications to be successful. A little goes a long way and while blasting the wart will kill it off quicker. It can also damage surrounding tissue, less is sometimes more.

This is best applied as soon as the wart is noticed. Old warts can be extra stubborn and may need to be treated with wart killer first and then frozen with liquid nitrogen for a double dose treatment. If is a good idea to remove as much of the wart surface as it dies off. so you hit fresh material.


The wart growth is caused by a virus.

Treating Hard to Control Warts

Unfortunately, there are no quick and easy ways to treat warts. In fact, because there are no quick and easy ways to treat warts, many pediatricians suggest that parents simply wait it out, and let the warts go away on their own.

Common Wart Treatments

If you don’t have the patience to wait for a wart to go away on its own, which can take months to years, you can try:
  • OTC topical liquid or gel wart remover treatments with salicylic acid
  • OTC wart remover treatments with salicylic acid on a pad
  • OTC wart remover treatments that freeze warts
  • duct tape
Your pediatrician might also try:
  • cryotherapy – “prescription strength” wart freezing, which may have to be repeated multiple times
  • cantharidin – not FDA approved in the US, but this blistering agent is often applied to warts to induce them to go away
And of course, your pediatrician might also simply recommend that you wait it out for a few more months or years, as the warts should eventually just go away. But why not treat the warts if treatments are available? Many experts say that at best, standard wart treatments only work half of the time. And they can be painful or leave scars.

Treating Hard to Control Warts

Again, treating warts is often hard, even in the best of circumstances. Warts can be even harder to treat if they are around your child’s nails (periungal warts) or on the bottom of their feet (plantar warts).
Plantar warts can be hard to treat.
Plantar warts can be hard to treat. Photo by happyfeet34 (CC BY 2.0)
Still, if you are not getting anywhere, you should ask yourself these questions and share the answers with your pediatrician:
  • Does your child really have warts?
  • Did you follow the directions on the label carefully?
  • Are you gently rubbing away hard skin from the surface of the wart with a pumice stone or emery board each week?
  • Are you softening the skin on and around the wart by soaking the area in warm water for at least 5 minutes before your wart treatments?
  • Did your child’s wart mostly go away and then come right back in the same spot?
  • Did your child’s wart completely go away, but new warts came up in different places?
  • Did your child get a much bigger wart around the site of a previously treated wart (a ring wart)?
A dermatologist can treat your child’s truly resistant warts with cryotherapy, cantharidin, higher strength salicylic acid paste than is available OTC, yeast injections, electrosurgery, or pulsed dye laser therapy, etc.

What To Know About Treating Hard to Control Warts

Although multiple wart treatments are available, warts are not easy to treat and so it is not unreasonable to just leave them alone if they aren’t bothering your child.

Effective Grandma Home Remedies

There are a few hone remedies handed down form grandma to children all over the world. In your kitchen shelf there are plenty of home remedies that you probably no nothing about. I will give you some here that I have heard that work well with warts as man yin our family suffered with warts for generations. Apple Cider Vinegar What you is some petroleum jelly, cotton balls and waterproof tape. You just apply the jelly around your wart and dip the cotton ball with vinegar and apply it to the wart and tape around it with your tape. Take it off in the morning and repeat again in the evening. Do this routine for about a few weeks and within a month you should see some fabulous results. Castor oil This is a bit messy but effective. Rub some castor oil in and around the spot and repeat this about three times a day. You can add baking soda to be really effective then wrap around with a bandage and leave it on the whole night. It takes about month or so it will be gone. Potatoes Just cut a potato in half and rub that on your wart about 10 times a day. Continue this for a few weeks. You can also shave the potato and put it in a bandage and wrap it around over night; this will help in removing wart Lemon juice with apple vinegar Soak lemon slices in the vinegar a for a 3 weeks and after that apply that on the wart and it should cone off Banana peel Get hold of a real ripe banana and take the peel and remove the inside of the peel and apply it to your wart and keep it covered. Do not take it off till you take a bath or shower ad then reapply again and again for a few weeks. It will come off Good old Garlic This plant has so much medicinal properties you would call it the wonder drug plant. It cures so many of our ailments and why not warts? Take vitamin E capsule crush it and apply to the wart before garlic as a base to protect you skin. Crush garlic a few pods and make a poultice and wrap it around and leave it fro a day and take it off wash it and slowly the skin will blister and warts will fall away Grapefruit Just take the juice of this fruit and apply it with a bandage for a few days and the wart should disappear Onion Onion juice with salt. Apply salt to a cut onion. And leave it over night in a jar and in the morning you will have some juice and apply that juice several times and in few days the wart will start to go away.

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